Types of losses -

There are various Types of losses in  transformer such as iron losses , copper loss ,hysteresis losses ,eddy current losses,

Typs of losses - Transformer losses copper loss and iron loss in hindi
Types of losses - T

Types of losses: -

Transformer mainly consists of losses of two types. iron losses and copper losses are copper losses that are caused due to the current flow in winding side and iron losses which are the main material of the When Transformers Side Eddy Current Includes Side Loss and Hysteresis Loss

Iron losses: -

Iron losses occur in eddy current losses and hysteresis losses because the flux is the same on every load in the transformer, so this loss is one on each load and the core of high silicon steel to be used to reduce the core loss It is more likely to have a widened resistance but hysteresis loss is less, it mainly removes it from the open circuit test.
        Ph = KἠB1.6maxfV watt - Hysteresis

        Pe = KeB2m t2f2V watt - Eddy current

This loss is reduced by using the high silicon steel core to remove these losses by the open circuit test.

Copper loss: -

This is due to the current that passes through the winding resistance of the loss transformer, is copper loss (I2R) and is proportional to the copper loss (current) 2 or (KVA) 2, so that these losers change at every load.

Example: -

If the loss is 100 watt on the full load then on ½ load it will be 100/4 = 25 watt or 100/9 = 11.1 watt on 1/3 load.

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Types of losses - 

Transformer मे मुख्य रूप से two types के losses होते है copper losses ओर iron losses है copper losses जो winding मे current flow होने के कारण होते है ओर iron losses जो transformer की core material कारण होते है ओर iron losses के अन्दर eddy current ओर hysteresis losses भी आते है

Iron losses :-

Iron losses मे eddy current losses ओर hysteresis losses आते है क्योकि transformer मे हर load पर flux एक समान रहती है ईसलिए ये loss हर लोड पर एक से रहते है ओर core loss को कम करने के लिए हाई silicon steel की core को काम मे लाया जाना चाहिए ओर ईसकी विधुतीय resistance तो अधिक होती है लेकिन hysteresis loss कम होते है ये मुख्य रूप से open circuit टेस्ट से निकालते है
        Ph=KB1.6maxfV watt   - Hysteresis

        Pe= KeB2m t2f2V  watt  - Eddy current

ईस loss को हाई silicon steel की core का प्रोयोग करके किया कम किया जाता है open circuit test करके ये losses निकालते है

Copper loss :-

ये loss transformer की winding के resistance मे से गुजरने वाली current के कारण होते है copper loss ( I2R ) ओर ईस प्रकार copper loss ( current )2  या ( KVA )2  के समानुपाती होता है जिससे ये लॉस हर लोड पर बदलते है

Example :-

यदि full load पर लॉस 100 watt है तो ½  load पर ये 100/4 = 25 watt होंगे या 1/3 load पर 100/9 =11.1 watt होंगे

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