Energy and Application of energy

Energy ,types of energy , Electrical energy, Mechanical energy with both language Hindi,English


Energy: -

The power to work is called energy
Energy is in many stages and can be changed from one stage to another, but can not be destroyed,
Example- When the battery is discharge, the chemical energy is converted into electrical energy, and when there is a charge, in the opposite, a generator varies in mechanical energy to electrical energy and the radiator of electrical varies in electrical energy to heat energy.

The unit of energy to measure is in the M.K.S system.

Joule-Joule is a work that is done to remove the force of a nucleus from a distance of one meter.

                1 joule = 1 newton meter,
The British system has a unit foot pound
                1 joule = 0.7375 ft pounds

Joule is the small unit of energy and the large unit watt hour or
kilo watt hour (kwh) is
Is he called a board of trade unit?

          1 B.O.T unit = 1 kilo watt hour
                         1000 watt hour
Is also called the cable unit and the energy meter only measures the energy?

Two types of energy : -

1. electrical energy
2. mechanical energy

Electrical energy: -

Electrical energy is the energy that turns electrical energy into mechanical example - motor electrical energy changes to mechanical, so mechanical has done a lot of work
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Electrical energy
Electrical Energy

Mechanical energy: -

Mechanical energy is the energy that changes the mechanical energy into electrical energy, which generates electricity example-generator changes the power of mechanical energy into electricity?

Machnical energy
Machnical energy

Energy ,types of energy ,Electrical energy ,Mechanical                             energy with both language hindi,english

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Energy :-

कार्य करने की पावर को ही Energy कहते है
Energy कई अवस्थाओ मे होती है ओर एक अवस्था से दूसरी अवस्था मे आसानी se बदली जा सकती है पर नष्ट नही की जा सकती ,
Example- जब battery discharge होती है तो केमीकल energy ,electrical energy मे बदल जाती है ओर जब चार्ज होती है तो ईसमे उल्टा होता है एक generator mechanical energy को इलैक्ट्रिकल energy मे बदलता है ओर बिजली का रेडिएटर इलैक्ट्रिकल energy को ताप energy मे बदलता है

Energy को  मापने की ईकाई M.K.S प्रणाली मे जूल है

jule - jule वह किया हुया कार्य है जो एक न्यूटल का force एक मीटर की distance तक हटाने मे होता है

                1 जूल = 1 न्यूटन मीटर ,
ब्रिटिश प्रणाली मे ईकाई फुट पाउंड है
                1 जूल = 0.7375 फुट पाउंड

जूल energy की छोटी ईकाई है ओर बड़ी ईकाई watt hour या
kilo watt hour ( kwh ) होती है
ईसको B.O.T unit ( board of trade unit ) कहते है ?

          1 B.O.T Unit =1 kilo watt hour
                         1000 watt hour
ईसे केबल यूनिट भी कहते है ओर energy मीटर यूनिट मे ही energy मापते है ?

Two types of energy meter :-
1.    electrical energy   
2.     mechanical energy

Electrical energy :-
Electrical energy वह energy है जो electrical energy को mechanical मे बदलती है example motor electrical energy को mechanical मे बदलती है जिससे mechanical बहुत सारे काम किए
जाते है

Machanical energy :-
Mechanical energy वह energy है जो mechanical ऊर्जा को इलैक्ट्रिकल ऊर्जा मे बदलती है जिससे electricity generate की जाती है example- generator mechanical ऊर्जा को electrical मे बदलता है ?

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