Magnets how do they work

What is magnet and Magnets how do they work with introduction of magnet and How to make artificial magnet and types of magnet

Introduction of magnet: -

It was known for many days that in the nature there is a black stone of this type, which attracts small particles of iron to its side, this type of stone is found in place of Magnesia in Asia-Minor. The stone is called magnet, this stone is found in the mines of nature, hence it is called natural magnet, the properties of this stone due to which it draws small particles of iron towards it is called magnetism.
In China, 2000 years ago, it was discovered that by hanging a string in the middle of a magnet so that it can move freely, one end of it remains the site of the north or the other is the site of the south, and then the sea to Mallahoe. But to find direction, it is also known as load stone, ie leading stone.

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What is magnet: -

Some such properties are found inside the magnet by which it attracts small pieces of iron to its side. We can also say that whatever substance attracts iron or matter having properties of iron towards us, we call it magnets. There are two poles inside the magnet, the north pole and the south pole from which it pulls the iron pieces towards itself. The magnets are never of the same pole, it also acts as a direction indicator, which helps in finding direction. Class meets the magnet stone was found in a natural called the Mgnetite (fe3o4)


Magnets how do they work: -

Magnet is a material that attracts iron pieces towards itself. When an iron piece is placed near the magnet, the magnet attracts those pieces of iron towards themselves. Magnet has two poles in the north pole and south pole. If there is a same pole in the magnet, then he does repulsion, which means that he ran away and if it is not the same pole then he will do the attraction. There are two types of magnet, natural or artificial magnet.

Natural magnet is a magnet which is found in nature which is not very full of power, but artificial magnet is a magnet that is created by humans which is very powerful, which artificial magnet is used to generate electricity?

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Magnet of properties: -

1. It attracts small particles of iron on their side
2. Freedom hanging magnet moves in north-south direction
3. The pole of the same type of magnet removes each other and the opposite type pole attracts each other.
4. It can lift a large iron piece of iron
5. It makes iron pieces magnet by induction of flow.

Types of magnet: -

Natural and artificial magnet - The magnet that is found in the process is called a natural magnet.
Follicle or iron also becomes magnets in some ways, it is called artificial magnet, they are stronger than natural magnets, due to which they are used in more work whereas natural magnets are used only in ordinary work.

Magnetic substances - The things that can be magnetized are called magnetic substances.
Ex-iron can make a strong magnet. Cobalt, nickel and manganese have low magnet strength. It should be remembered that the magnet only pulls the objects which it can change in the magnet. Brass, copper, aluminum, glass, slate. , Etc. are not magnetic objects

How to make artificial magnet: -

Epson rods or needles (mostly used on the needle), which is to make the magnet, let them on the table. Now, let one end of it stand the permanent magnet as it stands on the tip of its needle north pole. In the case of steel, take it to the other end by rubbing it on the needle, now lift the magnet up or else take it to the first end or else go to the other end while rubbing and lift again or repeat the EC action several times. Go Now test the needle of steel, it has become a magnet, the head was started from where it will become the north pole or the other will become the south

what is magnet

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